Hmong Art: Tradition and Change

Since the 1975 communist takeover of Laos, over 100,000 Hmong refugees have immigrated to the United States from Southeast Asia, bringing with them a rich visual and performing arts heritage. Hmong Art: Tradition and Change is the first exhibition and publication to document extensively the textiles, jewelry, musical instruments, and other artifacts currently produced by Hmong folk artists throughout this country.
The book includes three scholarly essays on Hmong culture; an overview of Hmong history by University of Minnesota anthropologist Timothy Dunnigan; a discussion of Hmong performing arts by ethnomusicologist Amy Catlin; and an essay on Hmong material culture, costumes and jewelry, by Joanne Cubbs.

Hmong Art: Tradition and Change

General Public ($37.95)
($30.00 Ticket + $7.95 Fees)

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