Albert Zahn: I'll Fly Away

Albert Zahn (1864-1953), a native of the Prussian province of Pomerania, came to Wisconsin as a young man. Though he left much of the culture of his youth behind, he held impressions, memories, and beliefs from his homeland that, fused with life in northern Wisconsin, surfaced in the art he made in retirement men and women in Prussian dress, soldiers, sea captains, and ships. However, the bulk of his work reflected his more deeply seated and personal beliefs: an eternal afterlife embodied in angels and birds, and biblical philosophies embedded in multi-tiered sculptures he called "family trees" Zahn's vision was one of optimism and faith. I'll Fly Away reunites a significant body of known works by Albert Zahn, the "birdman of Door County."
Essay by Leslie Umberger.

Albert Zahn: I'll Fly Away

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